July Newsletter 2024

Welcome to a New Financial Year!

The Winter solstice has passed and we’re heading back to longer days and warmer weather. It certainly has been a very cold start to Winter, and we certainly need a lot more rain as we head into the middle of this season. It has been so unseasonably dry so far!

A new financial year means a new 90-day Action Plan for the third quarter of 2024. Challenge yourself to finish off those that you didn’t quite get done last quarter or with new goals that you have been meaning to get around to starting but keep putting off.

Our theme for our blog posts for this quarter of 2024 is ‘Productive People’ and focuses on how to get the maximum productivity out of each day for yourself and your Team for your business to move closer to achieving those dreams you are chasing. Be sure to check out our daily blogs and weekly podcasts for tips, strategies and ideas to help you achieve success more quickly.

We have been learning how to build AI Agents (artificial intelligence bots) that will help us greatly create efficiencies and quicker results in our daily workflows. The vision is that everyone will have a dedicated AI Agent based on their skill set and department area that will sit on their desktop, they can ask how to do a task and it will show them or do it for them. As soon as we have developed this technology we will be running an event to show you how you can do this too.

Do you need some help with planning out the new financial year ahead? Or need some accountability or motivation to be more successful in 2025?

If so, reach out to our Team and we will show you how our business coaching program – Chasers Getting ResultsTM – works.

This month, we welcome Grace O’Dwyer to the Ceebeks family. Make sure you introduce yourself to Grace as she is our ‘front-of-house’ person and wish her well in her future role with the Team.

Our theme for this quarter is ‘Productive People’. We focus on ways to keep your Team and yourself laser-focused on the tasks and goals to be achieved for the next 90 days. Be sure to check out our daily blogs and weekly podcasts for tips, strategies and ideas to help you achieve success more quickly.

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The latest edition of our National Award Winning Magazine – No. 16. – is now published and available for you to read. It features NDIS support service provider, Bianca Elliott from Supportive Steps, heaps of educational tips and ideas and an article by the Marketing Guru, David Lee-Schneider – CEO & Founder of Done Digital.

Don’t forget to check out our latest podcast episodes on The Chasers Channel

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  3. Episode 54 – Chasing Wellness: Unveiling the Secrets of the Blue Zones
  4. Episode 55 – How to Find & Get Government Grant Funding with Kim Yabsley from Growology

We release a new episode every Sunday so make sure you follow our podcast to get the latest news, tips and strategies for bringing you closer to achieving the dreams you are chasing.

Key Dates in July 2024

21 July

  • Lodge and pay the June 2024 monthly business activity statement.
  • Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2023–24 PAYG instalment activity statement for head companies of consolidated groups.

28 July

  • Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2023–24 activity statement if electing to receive and lodge by paper and not an active STP reporter.
  • Pay quarter 4, 2023–24 instalment notice (form R, S or T). Lodge the notice only if you vary the instalment amount.
  • Make super guarantee contributions for quarter 4, 2023–24 to funds by this date.

Note: Employers who do not pay minimum super contributions for quarter 4 by this date must pay the super guarantee charge and lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge statement by 28 August 2024.

31 July

  • Lodge TFN report for closely held trusts if any beneficiary quoted their TFN to a trustee in quarter 4, 2023–24.
  • Lodge Venture capital deficit tax return for June balancers.
  • Lodge Franking account return for 30 June balancers if there is an amount payable.
  • Lodge Early stage innovation company report.
  • Lodge Community Housing Provider Annual Report.

Financial Support for Employing Apprentices - Business Customers

If you are looking to hire apprentices in the new financial year, be sure to check out if your business is listed as a priority occupation. The Australian Government is looking to address the strong current and future demand for skilled workers and has a strong focus on priority occupations in these areas.

When you train in a priority occupation you may be eligible for an incentive to support you to complete your apprenticeship and offset the cost of living.

You can apply for one of the two payments below.

If you’re training towards a qualification listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List, you can apply for:

  • The Australian Apprentice Training Support Payment (and claim it every 6 months) If you have chosen a clean energy occupation from the list, you can apply for:
  • The New Energy Apprentice Support Payment

Check out the link here: Apprentices in Priority Occupations

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Host Your Next Event in Our Stunning Space Room

A Purpose-Built Workspace to Hot Desk or Conduct Your Meeting

Our new business space, christened ‘The Chasers Hub’ at the Fletcher Jones Business Centre is available for hire. If you need to run a training meeting, hire a ‘hot desk’ or host a virtual presentation then check out the availability of the space with our online calendar or contact Shannae Hewett  on 55612643 and she will discuss your requirements and organise these with your booking.

Worried about your Home Loan Interest Rates or
Need Finance for that new Ute & Machinery?

If so, now is a good time to review your financial position and your wealth protection cover to ensure a life event such as heart attack, cancer or death doesn’t leave your loved one’s with a debt that they cannot pay back! Contact Angela Tirabassi on 55612643 if you would like to discuss a solution today!

Have you increased your debt levels (Home/Business Loans etc.) recently?

Contact Dale Wilson-Rea on 55612643 for the most competitive rates & taxeffective structuring of your finance today!