A One Year Plan for Entrepreneurs. Straightforward, easy to read with practical suggestions towards making your business a success, The Australian Business Start-up Guide is essential reading for all budding entrepreneurs and those planning small business enterprises.
The Australian Business Start-up Guide_ A One Year Plan for Entrepreneurs - David Bangs and Michael Halliday

This book offers a complete step-by-step, 12 month action plan and will guide you through everything you need to know, including sales and marketing skills, and business and financial planning.  It will also:

  • dispel the myths of small business ownership
  • show you low-cost ways to research and test ideas
  • help you define and reach your best markets
  • show you how to forecast sales and expenses
  • advise you on how to get expert advice inexpensively

Fully adapted from the US bestseller by an Australian small business expert, The Australian Business Start-up Guide: A One Year Plan for Entrepreneurs has been specifically tailored for people looking to launch a small business enterprise in Australia.