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Chasers Getting Results® (‘CGR’) Program Launch

During the COVID lockdown of 2020, we listened to the needs of business owners for more coaching-style assistance to help them run and grow their businesses. We have spent thousands of dollars, hours of time and energy over the past 12 months and built a program where they could learn how to build a better business, how to always have cash to pay the bills, how to develop a customer-centric Team and how to create more time to do the things they love doing.

At this event you'll learn about how ‘CGR’ can help you create the business you’ve always WANTED and;

Discover how the program can bring you closer to achieving your dreams.

Celebrate our 30th Anniversary Year.

Share in some very special gifts.

CeebeksTM Founder and Director Chris is a man on a mission and a man with a vision. An internationally renowned accountant and business development specialist, he is regularly featured in a range of publications and often called on as a guest speaker at conferences and events around the country.

You’ll find Chris to be as passionate about your lasting financial success as he is about creating a better world.

Chris Beks

Founder & Principal Adviser