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We’re Addicted To Sharing The Rewards We Receive From Helping Our Customers Succeed!

At Ceebeks™, Chris and the Team believe every business has the power to IMPACT and change lives, and we lead by example. Choosing to work with us means you will be contributing to the growing movement of businesses changing the world.

For every new customer or new service provided to our existing customers, we contribute a fixed percentage of the income generated to the global giving initiative B1G1 – Business for Good. We have a lifetime membership that allows us to contribute to services and charitable projects around the world.

In 2020 we were acknowledged as the runner-up in the Global Award for our contribution to helping change the world and in 2022 we received the Global Award for total IMPACTS made.

Ceebeks™ are also passionate about supporting national programs and are active members and/or supporters of several charitable and social organisations in our home district of Warrnambool.

Take a look at the outstanding organizations we contribute to below.