Hello Chasers,

Having an effective solution for the lifeblood of any small business: communication – is another key to maintaining a super productive team! 

Let’s face it, emails can get buried, texts feel impersonal, and carrier pigeons are just…well, not very scalable. That’s where Google Chat, part of the Google Workspace ecosystem, is a winner in our eyes!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. 

Isn’t Google Chat just another messaging app? 

Yes, it is, it can handle one-on-one chats, but here’s why it’s become my go-to tool for keeping my small business team connected and thriving:

  • Simple and Sleek: Google Chat is all about clean design and intuitive functionality. It’s like your favourite instant messaging app grew up and got a business-friendly makeover. No complicated menus, just easy access to everything you need.
  • Group Chat Champs: Need to brainstorm with the marketing team or keep the sales crew on the loop? Google Chat groups are your answer. We use it for our team with our international team members too. Discussions flow seamlessly, with features like threaded messages to keep things organised (no more getting lost in a never-ending chat!).
  • Mobile Magic: We all have lives outside of work, but staying connected shouldn’t be a chore. The Google Chat mobile app lets you jump into conversations and stay in the loop wherever you are. Perfect for that quick question on the go or a virtual high five after a win.
  • Sharing is Caring: Need to get a file, image, or doc to your team? Google Chat integrates perfectly with Google Drive, allowing for seamless sharing and collaboration. It’s like having a built-in virtual workspace within your chat.
  • Free and Familiar: Let’s be honest, budget is a big deal for small businesses. The beauty of Google Chat is that it’s completely free to use with a Google Workspace account (which you might already have for Gmail!). Plus, most of your team is probably already familiar with the Google interface, making the learning curve practically non-existent.

Is Google Chat a magic bullet? Not quite. While it excels at real-time communication and collaboration, it might not be the best fit for in-depth discussions or complex project management. But for keeping your team connected, informed, and engaged, in our eyes, Google Chat is a winner!

So, ditch the communication cobwebs and give Google Chat a try. You might just find yourself creating a vibrant team chat hub that keeps everyone buzzing with productivity (and maybe a few fun emojis along the way). By the way, it is also great for the Friday wind down sharing jokes, laying games or even karaoke!

Have a great day!

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