The Australian Consultant’s Guide: Setting Up and Running Your Own Consulting Business Profitably and Painlessly

Setting Up and Running your own Consulting Business Profitably and Painlessly. Written for the emerging Australian consultant, The Australian Consultant’s Guide provides practical advice and solutions to inform and inspire would-be consultants, contractors and freelancers entering the world of independent business.

This book guides you to consultancy success by examining topics such as:

  • creating a personal business plan
  • setting up your workplace
  • generating business quickly
  • marketing and pricing your services

A range of easy to use checklists and templates, including the ‘magic charge-out’ formula, enable consultants to become effective and time-efficient professionals. Chapter summaries allow for easy reference and consulting phrase book explains the industry’s jargon.

The Australia consultant’s Guide will allow you to ravel risk-free to a growing new area of Australian Business.