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The Linkedin Playbook gives the step-by-step process to build an effective pipeline of leads, clients and sales for the people creating those profiles and joining LinkedIn.

Over 2,000 hours of research has gone into perfecting the process outlined in this book. The methodology outlined is currently being used by our clients in multiple industries in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Dubai and The UK.

LinkedIn is simply the best option for reaching out to your ideal clients, bypassing gatekeepers and getting the sale. Yet it requires a specific process of nurturing and providing value along the way.

Inside you discover:

  • The power of Social Serving versus Social Selling
  • How to position yourself as an Industry Thought Leader
  • How to set out your profile to speak to your ideal clients in a voice they understand
  • How to and when to connect, engage and convert prospects in a professional manner
  • How to write your own scripts that work
  • The rookie mistakes you simply must avoid