The Move from “Order-Taker” to Sales Maker

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This book is a must for aspiring sales people, enlightened sales managers and those leaders of industry who are committed to providing their customers with first class, distinctive salespeople!

As a leading motivational speaker and trainer, John Lees delivers a powerful, inspirational and entertaining message about selling when addressing audiences…and now his unique ideas on selling are featured in written form in this, his second book.

This is a book about selling as practiced by Sales-Makers, that breed of achievers in selling who seek to position themselves very closely to customers…and as far away as possible from those lesser performers known as…’Order-Takers’.

John Lees presents his story in three simple and absorbing parts:

  • The Lies About How To Succeed In Selling
  • The Truth about Winners And Losers In Selling
  • The Distinctive And Specific Ways In Which Sales-Makers Do Business

The Move from “Order-Taker” to Sales Maker debunks myths about using hackneyed ‘sales techniques’ to succeed…and provides vivid insights into the philosophies, practices and performance standards of sales people who form indispensable, profitable relationships with their customers.