The Power Point

All truly great businesses have something in common.   They dominate their respective markets with unfailing vitality and strength.  They stake a claim to a specific point in time and space that becomes identified as belonging to them alone.

McDonalds, IBM, and Coca-Cola have staked such a claim; a few of their competitors have or ever will.  This point in physical, mental, and emotional space is The Power Point.  Few companies know where such a point resides or even where to start looking for it.

In this daring, extraordinary book, noted consultant and bestselling author Michael E. Gerber sets out to discuss what is inherently true about great businesses.  Wary of simple answers and unafraid to take on the big questions that most business thinkers cynically avoid or fail to ask, Gerber reveals business to be a living, chaotic, and profoundly elusive process where more is never enough.

As Gerber shows, greatness begins with the simple but profound recognition tjat in a free market system such as our own, business survive and succeed only because people want them to. In a free market system, great businesses will learn to satisfy – far better than their competitors – the essential needs, unconscious expectations, and perceived preferences of the very people who not only influence but, strictly speaking, create the outcome.  These people are not just customers and competitors, but a company’s employees, suppliers and leaders – the universe of the self-interested parties that a good business unites to its cause by it’s overarching vision.

To this end, Gerber provides a stunning analysis of the categories of preference, which details how to understand and satisfy emotional, visual , functional, and financial preferences within a business and a marketplace – an analysis of itself well worth the cover price of this book.

Personal, uplifting, and savagely brilliant, The Power Point directs you to re-see the over-examined and to stretch yourself far beyond where you have been before.