The Woman’s Money Book

This is the essential guide to money for all Australian Women. It is a definitive guide that takes the mystery out of financial management and gives practical pointers to women on how to manage their personal finances.

The bestselling Woman’s Money Book has already helped countless Australian women take charge of their finances. This fully updated edition will also help you make sense of all the recent changes that affect your wallet and your future. So whether you are on top of things financially or you’d like to manage your money better, this easy-to-use guide is a very smart investment.

Read it from cover-to-cover or dip into sections for sensible advice on:

  • Stress-free ways to budget and save
  • Minimising your debts and being credit-card clever
  • Starting and managing your own investment portfolio
  • Keeping the financial balance in your relationship
  • Planning for your future

And it’s addressed to you. To inspire you to challenge everything, to remind you that you can turn ideas into reality and to give you the opportunity to be part of a bold idea that could change the course of history.

Chapter One is the story of three kids from Melbourne, Australia, with zero experience in business, who had an idea and the crazy belief that we all have the power to change stuff.