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TCC 53 - Hardship & Accessing Your Super



As the tough economic conditions really bite, more and more Australians are forced to look for ways of easing the financial pressure.

Some are turning to their superannuation funds as a means of getting some financial relief but there is a super squeeze that they are stuck in – super may be their solution for the short-term but it is not easily within reach.

This episode is about how the early access rules work when it comes to the hardship provisions.

What you’ll learn:

  • (0:14) The Financial Squeeze and Superannuation Access
  • (0:43) Introduction and Disclaimer
  • (1:16) General Advice Disclaimer
  • (1:37) Tax Implications and Authorisation
  • (2:06) The Challenge of Accessing Superannuation
  • (2:28) Criteria for Early Access Due to Financial Hardship
  • (3:07) Compassionate Grounds for Early Access
  • (3:32) Limits and Taxation on Early Super Access

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