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Since starting my business we decided to use Chris and his team.

We enjoy using Ceebeks for our accounting and financial advice due to the quality of the advice and also the speed at which Chris and the team answer our questions. During this time we have been able to meet a major financial goal of becoming debt-free and are now planning for our future and the future of our two young boys. Our next goal is to buy our family home and we will be using Chris and the team at Ceebeks to achieve this goal.

Emma Noble
Tiaki Supports

We have been with the same accounting firm for over 20 years and just didn’t feel that we were getting the individual attention that we sometimes needed.

One reason we came your way was that we could see the good that you are doing for the greater community and we like your beliefs. Another reason was as a result of attending The Chasers Meet Up and hearing about your work ethic etc. We probably would have just kept putting up with poor service if we didn’t move.

Our initial concern about coming over to Ceebeks was the cost, as we weren’t really sure what the change over would cost us and whether we would be better off changing accountants.

We didn’t get a lot of attention from our previous accountant and only visited him once a year after the end of the financial year so not a lot of input from him. Because of that, we were probably hesitant in changing over as we felt like we would be giving up control of the day to day. We have been using Quickbooks for 20 years and switching to Xero was another thing holding us back. It has been a huge job converting everything over (even bigger than anticipated) but even though we are still not used to the system we can already see the benefits – and loving it!

We have gained so much for coming on over. Tax planning is a big thing that we haven’t had before that has paid off for us ten fold. Also, everyone is so approachable, we can pick up the phone and know that someone will help us with whatever we need. We feel that we are now getting the individual support and attention that we need to help grow our business. Knowing that the back end of our business is being taken care of we are very keen to get back to growing our business.

We would recommend Ceebeks to anybody but most importantly to anybody in business. It can be daunting wading through all the paperwork etc. that comes with opening a new business and the continuing changing of circumstances. So anybody that needs good sound business advice would benefit greatly from Ceebeks. Just the support and guidance that Ceebeks offers makes you feel less alone while trying to run and grow your business!

Gary & Wendy Rea
Godfreys Warrnambool

Our previous accounting firm we had were great (to start off with). We were very excited to be working with them. But then things started to change. The regular meetings

We were supposed to have with them became less frequent & we felt like we were being forgotten about. When we had a problem, they didn’t really help us with a solution. In fact, they made us feel like we should ‘give up’. We decided to change to CeebeksTM.

Chris and his team make us feel so comfortable – we feel like part of the family. Chris is more than our accountant, he really is a fantastic business advisor. He is so motivating & always has time for us! Any problem we have, he is quick to help us with a solution & helps us to see our way through the tough times. We have recommended CeebeksTM to many people because we know that they’ll get the help, support & advice that they need from Chris and his team.

Susan & Judi O'Brien
The Land of Eternal Youth - Tir na nOg Skin & Body Therapy

Our story starts when I received a phone call from a well spoken bloke by the name of Chris Beks who asked for my services to help with some holiday projects at the magnificent Bluehole Road retreat.

When I started my business and I had concerns about how tax works and my accountant at the time not doing his job properly, as luck has it Chris had contacted me for my services. One conversation led to another finding out a bit about him and his work I knew I had to join his team.

I have received ongoing support with all of my accounting questions and needs from the smallest things about tax and savings to now growing my business and becoming the best entrepreneur I can be.

I recommend yourself and the amazing Ceebeks team to anyone who wishes to get their accounts handled in a kind and professional manner, from the yearly taxes to helping grow their business. The knowledge, support and professional team is absolutely priceless!

Phill Eppingstall
Panda Landscaping Pty Ltd

We were looking for a smaller accounting firm with a family atmosphere and after having a chat with Chris and the Team we knew then, that this is where we would bring

our business.

As a small business in our early stages we not only wanted an accountant but also a person that could see the benefit of our business succeeding and someone that would help us do this. Chris and the Team have a great knowledge base of not only accounting but also other aspects of building a business as well.

Having access to the team at CeebeksTM for any questions has been great and their knowledge of the Xero Platform is unsurpassed.

One of the great services we have access to is ‘The Chasers Meet Up’ once a month to talk to other business owners and listen to guest speakers give advice about different aspects of business has been invaluable.

I would recommend any person looking to go into business to go and speak with the team at CeebeksTM and get advice before getting on the roller-coaster of small business operations. The more people we can surround ourselves with, as small business owners, makes the roller-coaster of small business easier to ride!

Todd Noble
South West Electrical and Control Pty Ltd

We had known Chris and Ange for a couple of years but CeebeksTM were not our personal accountants.

When we first started our business we went to

our normal accountant for start-up advice but the information was very generic and not tailored to us. We felt we needed extra help to take our business to the next level.

We read a great business review of CeebeksTM from someone we knew and respected so we thought we would go in for some advice. Straight away we felt cared for, that they wanted our business to succeed.

We changed everything over to CeebeksTM and have never looked back.

We were initially worried because CeebeksTM were not our accountants and we were happy with the company we were with. Ultimately, we knew that by changing from a national company to an owner operated accountant we would be given the one-on-one attention we needed. The changeover was easy and it was one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

By being a part of the CeebeksTM family we have been supported every step of the way (not just in accounting). They have given us advise and steered us toward mentors and other forms of help when needed. We know we can always count on Ange for any payroll or administration issues…

…which we utilise that service often!

We recommend CeebeksTM to everyone, as accountants they are the best! But beyond that, if you are contemplating becoming a small business owner or if you need business advice give the CeebeksTM team a call!!!

Joe & Erica Ahu
Armour 5 Protection Security Services

We had just started our business and had a bad experience with a previous accountant. We needed to change accountants but were unsure where to go. As we were completely

unfamiliar with the industry, we decided to ask some family members who also had small businesses. Luckily one of them used CeebeksTM for their business, and after looking on their website we decided they were the perfect fit. As we were first time business owners, we were worried that we weren’t doing things properly, for example, not paying the right amount of tax etc.

When we first met with Chris he explained everything, and in a way that was easy for us to understand. We chose CeebeksTM because they actually care about small business, they are so lovely to deal with and are always contactable if we have any questions.

We have no stress in regards to the accounting side of the business. Employees are getting the right amount of pay, tax returns are done on time and everything runs smoothly. It’s also great knowing if we ever have a question we can contact CeebeksTM and get a reply literally straight away.  We can now focus purely on the business knowing everything else is taken care of.

We would not hesitate to recommend CeebeksTM to anyone who has a business. They have gone above and beyond what we expected from an accountant. It’s an extra bonus that everyone who works there are always so happy and friendly to deal with!

Jarrod & Heidi McSween
Mister Brightside Woodfired Pizza

We joined CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD because we needed better direction and clarification of where to improve our business and how to make it

work for us.

Our main concerns were lack of guidance and reactive advice where we found we were buying on the fly and we did not have the correct policies and procedures in to move our business forward.

We ultimately chose them because of a word of mouth referral and because we had attended a couple of local events they hosted ( Paul Dunn Unleashed! – The Huge Power of Small & The Chasers Meet Up) which we enjoyed.

The benefits we have received include having clarification of budgeting and cashflow issues, refining the use of the XERO accounting system and the clear, calm approach you have shown us to set goals and helping us work towards our business dreams.

We would recommend you to anyone already in or thinking of starting up a small business because you give people your time, you’re approachable and you explain terms and issues in a way anyone would understand.

David Wiese & Alicia Brinkmann-Wiese
Warrnambool Country Meats

I had moved from Melbourne and although the accountant there was doing a great job, I wanted to find someone local that I could deal with face to face.

It’s a bit of a minefield choosing an accountant, there’s so many around and when accounting isn’t your own strength, it feels daunting putting so much trust in an unknown business.

CeebeksTM came recommended by a member of the public, the place of business looked inviting and it was in walking distance of the CBD. Also I was about to launch my own business and reading on the website that CeebeksTM also offered small business advice was a big plus.

I’ve always been able to make an appointment time within a week, all the team have been generous with their time and are all very knowledgeable, it’s easy to get in contact with someone either by phone, internet or in person and the Facebook tips and advice are great!

I would recommend either an individual or a business to use CeebeksTM because all the team are eager to ensure you’re getting all the help you need and I feel like I can always ask questions because the range of advice they offer is very broad.’

Noni Brislin
A Cup of Sugar

CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD have been our accountants for all of the 28 years they have been in business! We initially went to Chris

as we knew him personally, however, have remained with him ever since as he and his staff have always provided us with a personalised service and valuable advice as we have progressed from being wage earners to building a successful small business and a growing SMSF.

CeebeksTM Business Solutions guided us through the “taxation minefield” of setting up a family trust and still to this day are readily available when we have any unexpected queries. CeebeksTM are available not just at “tax time” but all year round. We recently had Angela come to our work place to help navigate us through our new Xero accounting software.

We would recommend dealing with CeebeksTM Business Solution because they make daunting tasks easy. They make you feel comfortable to ask any questions, whether it’s regarding tax, super fund queries or ways in building your business and investment portfolios.

Alistair & Kellie Cozens
AKC Kitchens

We were trying to get our first house and none of the big banks would help us.

Chris helped us get our finances together and get an application together

that made us look appealing to the lender and then helped us find a lender that suited us. Since then CeebeksTM has managed our finances and has become our trusted finance managers in both home and business finance and lending.

They helped us with our very first home loan and have recently helped us get business finance for a new truck for the business, look after our accounting with Xero and take care of our BAS and tax needs.

We have recommended them to anyone that asks in any domain. They have helped us to get where we are today and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Bobby Curtis
Bob the Concreter

We approached CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD at the commencement of our company based upon a recommendation from a family member already operating two businesses

for which Chris Beks provided financial and accounting services where our initial impression of Chris was professional, trustworthy and welcoming.  Chris’ knowledge and experience as a well regarded consultant was immediately evident through his initial consultation skills to listen to what our aims were what we required, assess our situation, devise a course of action and provide recommendations accordingly.  Chris was able to provide clear and concise advice that allowed us to make informed decisions about commencing our company.The team at CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD undertake regular training and updates of regulatory requirements whilst staying up to date with the latest accounting software packages Xero & WorkflowMax placing them at the forefront of their industry.

Over the past eight years CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD have provided ongoing accounting and financial planning services that has allowed our business to grow.  We have also been able to take advantage of the latest accounting and software applications which has increased our productivity and allowed us to concentrate on running our company rather than spending time on accounting in an ever changing environment.

A reassuring aspect of CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD is Chris’ accessibility at short notice, and the ability to meet and talk directly to the person who knows and manages your financial affairs.

I have no hesitation in recommending CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD to anyone who is either commencing or operating a business / company who are looking for a modern, professional accounting and business advisory service.

Clint Joseph
Joseph Land Surveying

I have been a client of CeebeksTM Business Solutions since the year 2000. I started my business, Adrenalin Martial Arts Centre, in 1996 at the very young age of 23.

Prior to starting my business I had only had six weeks business coaching to prepare me for the realities of owning my own business. The first few years of operation were a struggle to say the least and it wasn’t until I started working with CeebeksTM that my business started to turn around.I cannot recommend enough the services that CeebeksTM provides. If you’re serious about your business and you want to cement a future for yourself and your family you have to become part of their team. You will not find a team of people who are easier and nicer to deal with.

Ted Argyle
Adrenalin Martial Arts

With the tax lodgement deadline looming, for the first operating year of our business, I began searching for an accountant.  Immediately upon landing on CeebeksTM’ website

I knew that we had found the right ones.

Far from a large, faceless, firm, this small team—the ‘fantastic five’—exude warmth, and make you feel welcome while still being exceedingly professional. Their experience and expertise is exemplary, and their service (I intentionally dropped the word ‘customer’ because I don’t feel like a customer!) is second to none.

The challenges and potential pitfalls of running a small business are still there, but having CeebeksTM there—always there—for any advice, assistance, support, or even inspiration has enabled us to focus on growing our business, and ensured that we are set up for the best possible security and return for our efforts.

CeebeksTM bill themselves as “the ‘Lifestyle’ Accountants who IMPACT lives” – and that they certainly do! I have already referred two friends to CeebeksTM, and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

Neil & Mary Welsh
Robe Ice Cream

I made a phone call to CeebeksTM initially as I was unhappy with the service I was receiving from another accounting firm. As someone that was new to the world of small

business ownership I felt I needed a team who could guide me in the right direction from the start and help me plan out each year rather than finding I had made mistakes after the fact when it was all too late. I researched a lot of websites, social media and asked friends and colleagues for referrals and ultimately chose to contact CeebeksTM as they seemed to have a fantastic focus on small business!

Since teaming up with CeebeksTM I have received an amazing level of service in all areas. No question has ever been too silly and no request of the CeebeksTM team has ever been too much trouble. CeebeksTM don’t just provide brilliant accounting services and financial planning. They provide opportunities to learn from experts in all fields of business through ‘The Chasers Meet Up’ (a monthly event run for small business owners), which also provides an avenue to meet other small business owners in the South West.

CeebeksTM also contribute a huge amount of good into our community through their charity works with a wide range of organisations.

CeebeksTM has provided me with not just an accountancy service but a sense of small business community where we all discuss our triumphs or issues and support each other where ever possible. THAT is invaluable in business and I would recommend CeebeksTM to anyone and everyone in small business!

Mandy Knee
Owner | Full Bloom Boutique Nursery

We are thankful for the outstanding service provided by Chris and his Team. From the initial feasibility discussions, through securing a bank loan, projected

P & Ls and all aspects of business planning they continue to provide invaluable advice and assistance.

CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD have also helped us implement and tailor the Xero accounting system for our day to day accounting.

CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD are now an integral part of our operation and we would not be in this business today without them.

Rajendra Patel
Owner/Operator | Best Western Olde Maritime Motor Inn