Big is most certainly not better!

There’s no doubt that a couple of the larger accounting firms in the Southwest are the market leaders in the accounting industry because of their size. But while it seems like they have all the advantages over smaller sized accounting firms like us, more often than not our customers tell us that we provide a far superior service, business and tax result!

Business owners chasing the dream of a better life for themselves and their loved ones looking for an accountant to handle their accounting and business advice needs should consider hiring us – Ceebeks Business Solutions for GOOD – professional accountants in Warrnambool.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. You will get access to an effervescent and invigorating Team who are innovative in our thinking and love using the latest tech tools to deliver an amazing experience to you.
  2. You will see and learn new ideas from our marketing which has been proven to be industry best practice – we won the 2021 Australian Accounting Award for Marketing Program of the Year in Sydney in June this year!
  3. You will experience first-hand excellence which is constantly being challenged by our Team and has resulted in a multi award-winning culture and service that has been recognised externally by our peer Accounting and Business groups.
  4. You will have access to our dynamic website that provides you with as much information about all things business in our ‘Chasing the Dream Universe’ – our product eco-system featuring our Amazon published book, a daily blog, coaching program, informative business videos, our quarterly magazine – the southwest’s first business magazine that can be viewed on any portable device, our Facebook group, our monthly newsletter, the social business meet up etc. – all designed with your business success in mind!
  5. You get a team of genuine people who want you to succeed and achieve the goals and dreams you are chasing, whether it be your first home, your dream home, that new car, having time to attend the kids school plays or sports day or simply a holiday away from the busy-ness of being self-employed, planning for retirement or having a comfortable one!
  6. We find out where you are on ‘the journey of life’ and what you want your business to deliver for you in order of priority and then help you create a plan to tick them off – one by one! From easy home loans, life insurance, marketing, social media, business tax returns, self-managed super funds etc. we have a business solution for you.
  7. Your business tax returns are completed on time every time, in fact we have achieved 100% lodgements in every one of our 31 years of business to date – you are never getting a late lodgement penalty from the ATO when dealing with us!
  8. You will never get an unpleasant surprise from that unexpected tax bill from the ATO because we will meet with you in March every year to discuss your current results, estimate the profit to be earned in remaining periods and implement tax planning strategies that will legally minimise your tax liabilities so that you pay the very least amount possible! In fact, your business tax returns will be a delight to receive because the result received is what we have planned together.
  9. You won’t find yourselves being entertained by different people every time we discuss the status of your business affairs. You will know exactly who your accountant is that you are assigned to and they will have a very close and intimate knowledge of your business matters.
  10. You will receive a proposal for your investment in our services BEFORE we do any work together. This will outline what we need to do, the access you have to us at any time without incurring additional fees for minor telephone matters and the ability to be invoiced for the whole years’ service on a monthly basis. Once authorised by you, we start working together to achieve your goals and dreams!

If you need a better service, tax result or just a more personal relationship than you are getting from your current accountant, we can make it so easy for you to become a genuinely-valued customer of Ceebeks. Contact Shannae Hewett on 55612643 or schedule a time to meet by clicking here, today!

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