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As the southwest’s most experienced and qualified Business Advisors, we’re here to launch your business to the next level.

Business Solutions Warrnambool

Want to successfully launch your business and reach your goal destination?

You need to put 13 essential elements in place. Find out what these stages are and how we can execute them at our complimentary workshop.

Finally, an Accounting Firm Who Provide Proven Business Improvement and Growth Ideas, As Well As Tax Advice.

The biggest challenge of owning a business is staying on top of the many moving parts, especially when it comes to your finances. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, get help from one of Australia’s award-winning accounting firms.

Based in Warrnambool, Ceebeks™ are dedicated to helping make small businesses REALLY WORK. We have an enviable record with 100% of tax returns lodged on time every year for the past 32 years we have been in business. So why not join the southwest’s most efficient and punctual business advisors who can help you increase your productivity, profitability and improve your cash flow, too!

As a result, you’ll have more time for your family and be able to make a positive impact on the wider community.

Accounting Firm Warrnambool
Accountants in Warrnambool
About Us


Established in Warrnambool in 1990, Ceebeks™ is led by accountant, philanthropist and ‘Chief Dream Chaser’ Chris Beks.

We get up every morning with the goal of positively impacting families in business. Our Mission Control team does this by helping your business to generate more leads and income, free up your time to do the things you REALLY love doing, get paid faster, be tax compliant and create a strategy for GROWTH.

What’s different about Ceebeks™?

We can help you launch (or re-launch your business) successfully, check and monitor the business and take care of your day-to-day financial requirements because we want to make sure you have a successful journey, stay on course and land at your ideal destination.

We invite you to join our online community from anywhere in Australia and book a call to find out how Ceebeks™ can change your business for the better.

How We Help

Our clients receive expert support and advice so they can achieve the dreams they’re chasing.

Business Solutions Warrnambool

Launch (Or Relaunch) Your Business

Let’s get the most important foundations of your business in place so you have a quality ship to steer into the unknown.

Business Solutions Warrnambool
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Stay On Course

With your finances under control, you’ll be able to feel good about growing your business and creating opportunities for others.

Business Solutions Warrnambool
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Successfuly Reach Your Destination

Become part of our community, get results that are out of this world and make great leaps towards achieving your goals.


Look who’s chasing dreams with Ceebeks

Our clients come from Warrnambool, surrounding areas and other parts of Australia.

Our Awards and Recognition

Why Choose Us

Business owners from all over Australia, in Warrnambool and surrounding areas are dedicated customers of Ceebeks.


Less Stress

Let Ceebeks support you with weekly data reviews.

This allows any errors or anomalies to be quickly identified before your BAS, Financial Statements or Tax Returns are completed.


Complete Services

We provide solutions to run and manage your personal and business finances.

Work with us to start a business, buy a home, build your savings and protect your wealth for the future.


Grow Your Wealth

We have a strong focus on keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Our tax planning solution and wealth creation strategies facilitate financial growth.


Build a Better Business

Build a business that doesn’t rely on you.

Our goal is to design a business around your dreams and lifestyle so your team runs like clockwork, whether you are there or off doing something you love.


Free Up Your Time

Time is one of the few commodities we can’t reproduce.

Our strategies show how you and your team can be more productive and achieve far more with the time you have available.


Your Partners In Success

We’re successful when you achieve the dreams you are chasing.

When we have a clear understanding of where you are and what you are trying to achieve, we can help you plan, protect and implement strategies to reach your destination.


Your ‘Mission Control’ Dream Team

Our values and mission drive us to maintain the highest standards.

You will notice our passion and energy with every interaction. We will always provide you with a proposal (outlining how to get you to your dream destination) for the investment in our services before we start working together.


Outstanding Results

The feedback Ceebeks receives for helping our customers achieve the dreams they are chasing are proof of our ability to deliver.

It is also a huge source of satisfaction when they express their gratitude to our Team for the work we do.

Chasing the Dream - The Book

Many business owners have stripped their businesses back to the core in order to survive during the pandemic and are struggling with their cash flow and profitability. By following and implementing four fundamental rules outlined in our book, you can quickly rebuild their businesses, recover and achieve greater success.

Making sure you know the key numbers involved with running your business will make it far easier to measure and manage for greater success. A lot of marketing time and money is wasted by advertising to people who are not a business’s ideal customers. If that effort was fine-tuned and targeted to your ideal customer, the results would be greatly improved. The solution is to concentrate your efforts on a handful of key areas, which this book outlines in great detail with practical examples.

Paul Dunn – 4-time TEDx Speaker and Chairman of B1G1 – Business for Good says the strategy in this book is “a recipe for a hugely (not mildly but hugely) successful business.”

Chasing The Dream book


Take a look at helpful tips and insights from Ceebeks

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FREE Resources

Start your journey to astronomical success…

The Ultimate Business Plan

The Ultimate Business Plan

Let’s face it – if you don’t have a plan on where you are heading then how do you know how to get there or when you have arrived?

Furthermore, banks and other lenders are now asking for a business plan to see if you are really serious about running a successful business before giving you funding.

Our Business Plan is the simple how-to complete a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks guide. It will quickly allow you to see what you have in place and what areas you need to work on to become more successful.

The Ultimate Business Plan

Let’s face it – if you don’t have a plan on where you are heading then how do you know how to get there or when you have arrived?

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The 10 Must-Ask Questions for EVERY Customer

The 10 Must-Ask Questions for EVERY Customer

Of all the people to get insights from, your customers should be at the top of your list.


Because these are the people who know first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service. They can provide a great source for honest and constructive feedback on areas of your business’ performance and with this information help your Team to brainstorm innovative ways that you can make improvements. They are also more willing to help you because it will ultimately benefit them too. Here are our 10 favourite questions to ask of every customer.

The 10 Must-Ask Questions for EVERY Customer

Of all the people to get insights from, your customers should be at the top of your list.

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ceebeks business solutions Magazine

Our Award-Winning Magazine

Chasing the Dream – The Magazine is our National Award-Winning publication which was produced during the COVID lockdown and released as a celebration of our 30th Anniversary of chasing our dreams and helping business owners achieve theirs.

In each edition of this magazine we promote ideas, share what we’re up to, highlight cool tech tools and focus on successful ‘Chasers’ who have been part of our journey together. It will inspire you and ignite your passion to truly follow your business dream. Check out the Chasers who are doing just that already and subscribe to receive your personal copy today!

Our Award-Winning Magazine

Chasing the Dream – The Magazine is our National Award-Winning publication

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Do You Have a Lazy Accountant?

One who doesn’t really provide a very good level of service. Most people, unless they have changed accountants recently won’t know whether the service, they receive is good, bad or indifferent.

Can you answer these couple of questions?

  • Are You Paying Too Much Tax?
  • Do You Know If You’re Paying Too Much Tax?
  • Is Your Family at Risk because of their Financial Reliance on You?
  • Is Your Family and the Family Home at Risk Because of Your Business?
  • Are You Accumulating Wealth Each Year?

If you can’t, then you need our Second Opinion service – Look Under the Hood…

… where we review your financials and tax returns. We then offer our opinions on your business financial performance, look at your business and personal risk and where tax savings could have been made.

We charge $500 (plus GST) for this service and if we can’t get at least this fee in tax savings or value for you, there is NO FEE!