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Is Your Business Struggling To Manage Any Of The Following?

Cash Flow

Tax Compliance

Growth Strategy

Future Planning

The biggest challenge of owning a business is staying on top of the many moving parts, especially when it comes to your finances.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, get help from one of Australia’s award-winning accounting firms.

Based in Warrnambool, CeebeksTM are dedicated to helping make small businesses REALLY WORK.

With the support of our friendly and motivated team, you will be able to create a more streamlined and cash flow positive business. As a result, you’ll have more time for your family and be able to make a positive impact on the wider community.

About Us

We have a vision for a better world

Established in 1990, CeebeksTM is led by accountant and philanthropist Chris Beks.

We get up every morning with the goal of positively impacting families in business. Our ‘Fab Five’ team does this by helping your business to reduce running costs, get paid faster, be tax compliant and create a strategy for GROWTH.

What’s different about CeebeksTM? As well as having big plans for your financial success, we’re obsessed with contributing to others on a local and global level. Every customer helps us to do great things for the planet… and we can’t stop giving!

Book a call to find out how CeebeksTM can change your business for the better.

How We Help

CeebeksTM has your financial needs covered, from managing the day-to-day finances to creating a plan for your future too!

Tax Returns
Cloud Accounting
Financial Planning
Estate Planning & Wills
Superannuation & Smsfs
Personal Insurance
Personal Loans
Business Loans & Leases
Social Media & Marketing
Business Development

Why Choose CeebeksTM?

Business owners from all over Australia, in Warrnambool and surrounding areas are dedicated customers of CeebeksTM.

Less Stress

Take a break from trying to juggle work, family and finances.

Complete Services

We provide co-ordinated advice under one roof to make running a business easier.

More Money

Uncover the areas where your business can earn more.

A Better Business

Grow your business and your positive impact on the community.

More Time

Find the freedom to enjoy doing the things you love (instead of chasing invoices).

Your Partners In Success

CeebeksTM takes your success seriously and we see ourselves as part of your team.

Your Financial Dream Team

The ‘Fab Five’ are skilled in all areas of financial management and planning.

Outstanding Results

What’s your business vision? With our help, you’ll make it a reality sooner.


Since starting my business we decided to use Chris and his team. We enjoy using Ceebeks for our accounting and financial advice due to the quality of the advice and…

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Gary & Wendy Rea

Godfreys Warrnambool

Our previous accounting firm we had were great (to start off with). We were very excited to be working with them. But then things started to change. The regular meetings…

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The Land of Eternal Youth - Tir na nOg Skin & Body Therapy

Together We Can Change The World

Find out why CeebeksTM is more than an accounting business

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Free Resources

To share his knowledge, publications, and experiences, our Founder Chris Beks has contributed to a range of publications.

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30th Anniversary Celebration


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