The Community

Imagine a Facebook Community that collaborates and shares ideas to help each others business grow and succeed.

This is not like any other Facebook Group you have visited!
Business Community Facebook

Chasing the Dream!TM is produced here in the southwest of Victoria, Australia – right here in Warrnambool! This Facebook Community helps everyone who is ‘chasing the dream’ by helping them and their small business actually achieve their dreams!

This is a place where it is more important to help someone else than to promote yourself. It is a place where help by collaboration becomes natural.

This group is where we give advice and support to individuals, couples and families about improving their businesses and their financial lifestyle, after all we might just be ‘living the dream’ if we can tweak a couple of really important areas in the ‘money-side’ of our lives.

It is run by our Team Leader, Chris Beks, a CPA and business development specialist with over 35 years experience but it is not about us or even for us. It is for everyone who is passionate about helping others and who wants to improve their business, their financial wellbeing, and ultimately their lifestyle.

This is YOUR community as long as you add value.

This group is a place to get answers about issues such as:

How to start a business and get off the ground

How to make a plan for your lifestyle

How to create a better cash flow for your business

How to have more time by doing things better by challenging why it is being done that way

How to promote your business using Social Media, Podcasts, Blogs, & eBooks

How to get more customers

Share stories about your business journey, product launch or success tips.

NOTE:  when you post anything you are doing that works really well for you or post something that you want to know more about, please do so in the appropriate thread just make sure you ADD Value (don’t just drop a link – this is basic marketing and human interaction).

A few other guidelines:

  • Support other people regularly (we promise it will help you more than spamming a link)
  • Lead with your heart and be honest (ask the hard questions you want to know about money and financial matters)
  • Promote other people’s stuff, e.g. their ideas, business practices or charitable works because you want to help (not make money)
  • Be a good person (don’t ‘bag’ anyone else!)
  • Ask yourself – Who can this help? – each time you post

This is intended to be a considerate, passionate, and helpful group to collaboratively grow each other’s business or improve our financial health, and in turn, impact our collective lifestyles.