The Mastermind Group

The Chasers Mastermind is a group where smart people get together and give each other feedback on their businesses.

The basic idea is this: two or more minds, working openly together, focused on solving a problem, are better than one. Napoleon Hill is credited with coming up with and promoting this idea for entrepreneurs. Sound cool?
The Chasers Mastermind

I’m part of one and in my experience, they are incredibly valuable. That’s why I started this one.

As business owners, we have a lot going on in our businesses, and it would be awesome to share with each other some of the new directions we are taking to improve and recover from the corona experience.

The Chasers Mastermind aims to provide real value as we are going to use this inaugural group to test the key concepts in our program Chasers Getting Results® Was launched in 2021.

The Chasers Mastermind aims to inspire and challenge each other to reach and exceed our business improvement over the next 10 weeks. We will support each other’s journey of rapid change during this time.

We aspire to be better in every aspect of our lives every day and we hold each other to that standard relentlessly. Our ideas and resources are shared throughout the group without restraint and in honest and genuine support of the endeavours of each Chaser.

We only open this opportunity up 4 times per year. The next one starts in January 2024, so if you would like to be part of this amazing experience contact Shannae Hewitt on 5561 2643 today!