Business Loans and Leases

Business Loans and Leases

Business Loans Warrnambool

We are experts in lending

As your accountants we understand your financial position and can provide strategic tailored advice to help you achieve your goals.

Banks and loan brokers are not legally authorised to advise you on tax matters  –  but we can do both!

We can source the right finance and advise you on the best structure for asset protection purposes whether you are seeking finance to fund the purchase of your new home or investment property, or if you are seeking to refinance your existing loan and possibly consolidate existing debts.

You can potentially save a lot of money with loan advice from us:

By refinancing to a lower interest rate

Imagine if you could get a lower rate of say 0.5% on a $500,000 loan, you could save up to $54,000 on interest over the life of the loan.  Think of all the things you could do with this saving!

By consolidating your credit cards and other loans with high interest rates

You may be better off with a single low interest rate secured by your home.  Your total monthly rates could be much lower as could the interest rate!

The extra cash flow could then be used to make extra payments off the new loan.  Saving you even more money!

By optimising your loans

If you can use a ‘split loan’ to keep your non-tax deductible separate from tax deductible debt and a plan to pay off the former more quickly you can save yourself some tax!

There’s nothing like saving tax with a good strategy!

By getting your loans structured in the right way

We can show you the secrets to getting your loans structured in the right way to maximise your future tax claims on investment properties, especially if you want to move to a new house and keep your existing house as an investment property!