The Program

Business Coaching Program

Make More Money and
Regain Your Freedom

Chasers Getting Results® helps business owners discover everything
they need to know to build a successful business.

Are You a
Business Owner
Who is...

Overwhelmed with work

Too stressed to think straight

Working late nights and weekends

Worried about cash flow

Stop Letting Your
Business Consume
Your Life!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Chasers Getting Results® is a unique, 12-month business coaching program designed for small business owners who know deep down that there must be a better way to control cash flow, find more hours in the day, and get the results they have been dreaming of.

We’re not just about chasing that dream… we’ll help you achieve it.

How We Help

Accessible, practical business coaching

Everybody wants to work less and earn more but business owners have the true potential to make this dream a reality in a matter of months, not decades.

Over the course of a year, Chasers Getting Results® will show you how to run your business like a well-oiled machine so you have a steady pipeline of eager buyers and a rock-solid model that delivers real profits.

To help you, we draw on close to 4 decades of experience as business owners and financial specialists.

Stop dreaming about your success and start chasing those results for real! Book a free call to find out more.

How Much More Can
Your Business Earn?

Chasers Getting Results® is all about small improvements that add up to big differences.

Plug your numbers into our calculator and see the impact just a few per cent of change in each area will make to your annual revenue.

See the real MAGIC of how the synergy of 3 of our 4 ways Grows Your Business with your Own Numbers here!

Base Year

Increase in Customers

Increase in
Sale Events

Increase in
Average Sale

Percentage Increase

No of Customers

No of Sales A Year

Average Sales Value

Your Investment In Our Services Represents A Potential Net Return Of At Least ?%

Unique Business Coaching:
What You Get

This program gives you practical steps that you can apply over a 12 month period to achieve
lasting success.

Complete Clarity

Develop a clear vision and purpose for your business so you and your team are unified and consistent in everything you do.

Stronger Direction

Build a solid plan for the future of your business so you know where you’re headed and how to get there.

Better Systems

Systems mean freedom! With a few simple systems in place, your business will run like
clockwork (even when you’re not around).

Easier Outsourcing

Learn the ways to delegate so you can walk away from repetitive tasks and focus on growing your business.

Online Success

You don’t need a million-dollar budget to attract real attention online and grow your client base.

Key Growth Drivers

Let’s identify ways to trigger massive and sustainable growth in customers, revenue & profits.

Are You Working ‘in Your Business’ or ‘on Your Business’?

If you’re still doing the day to day work and exchanging your time for money, you may as well still have a job. And let’s face it, that would probably be much less stressful!

The business owners who achieve true success and earn an income to support the lifestyle they are dreaming of are the ones who work smarter, not harder.

As a member of the Chasers Getting Results® program, you’ll learn the simple strategies that free you from being a slave to your business.

You won’t believe the difference a year can make to your profits. Book a call to get started.

Hear From our Members

Based in Victoria, we help business owners across Australia.

Why Choose Chasers Getting Results®?

As a member of our business coaching program, you will learn from leading business and financial experts who have applied their knowledge to grow their own successful enterprises.

The strategies we share are ever-evolving and leverage the latest techniques and technologies so you get runs on the board sooner.

We will also hold you accountable as you make real changes and introduce you to a motivating and empowering community of ambitious entrepreneurs who will encourage you every step of the way.

Book a call to find out more.

Your Next Steps

Chase the Dream…
and Achieve It!


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We’ll have a no-obligation discussion to talk about the easy ways to take control and build a successful business you love.


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You’ll be able to apply your knowledge almost straight away and start making huge changes to your

Membership Options

A business coaching program like no other



1-Hour Fast-Start Induction Session


30-Day ‘Fast-Track Your Success’ Course



4 x Online Masterclasses with Chris Beks


4 x Online Masterclasses with Special Guests

This already more than covers your Silver Level Membership investment. However, to further assist you’ll also receive


Access to Our Members-Only Website

This already more than covers your Gold Level Membership investment. However, to further assist you’ll also receive
This already more than covers your Platinum Level Membership investment. However, to further assist you’ll also receive $10,000


4 x Fill-In-The-Blanks Templates


2 x copies of Chasing the Dream!- authored by Chris Beks


Access to Our Members-Only Facebook Group - When you join the Chasers Getting Results®


Gold Members receive everything in Silver, plus all the following additional member benefits...


Your Customers have some of the Answers

$4,000 -

Your Team Members have even MORE Answers

$4,000 -

12 x Personal Accountability Sessions/strong>

$6,000 -

Over 1,000 Step-By-Step ‘How To’ Training Videos

$10,000 -

6 x Short Courses on Key Business Topics

$6,000 -

Over 400 x Done-For-Your Business Systems

$10,000 -

A Fully-Customisable Business Intranet

$10,000 -

50 x World-Class Print & Audio Book Summaries

$6,000 -

Over $2,000 Worth of Discount Vouchers

$2,500 -

Additional Surprise Bonuses

$5,000 -

Platinum Members receive everything in Gold, plus all the following additional member benefits…


Personal Email Access to Chris Beks

$5,000 - -


6 x Laser Coaching Calls with Chris Beks

$4,000 - -

4 x Professional Business Critiques

$4,000 - -

Chris Beks’ Black Book of Business Contacts -

Note: Just one of these introductions could be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.
$10,000 - -

Team or Key Leaders Access to Bizversity

$5,000 - -

Over 400 x Done-For-Your Business Systems

$10,000 - -


Unlimited Support via Phone or Voxer

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Exclusive Access to ‘Platinum-Only Dinners’

$2,000 - -
YOUR TOTAL VALUE $28,100 $91,600 $141,600