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TCC 17 - The 4 Ways to Grow a Business



When we have a Team who understand their roles and are good at what they do they tend to be eager to do more and accept the challenge of being busy and productive.

So, it makes good economic sense to look at ways to generate more business to satisfy that need to grow your business.

But if you focus solely on getting new customers, you’re missing a big opportunity.

When it comes to growing a business there are just 4 fundamental ways to do this.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (0:53) Importance of Focusing on Existing Customers for Business Growth
  • (1:36) Benefits of Retaining Existing Customers
  • (1:57) Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • (2:29) Power and Effectiveness of Referrals
  • (3:18) Higher Lifetime Value of Referred Customers
  • (4:40) Credibility and Trust in Referrals
  • (5:04) Increasing the Number of Right Customers
  • (6:12) Segmenting Customers and Offering Incentives for Repeat Business
  • (6:58) Encouraging Repeat Business through Great Customer Experience
  • (7:34) Personalizing Customer Interactions
  • (8:06) Increasing Average Customer Spend through Add-ons and Upselling
  • (9:06) Creating Urgency with Limited-Time Offers
  • (10:26) Improving Business Processes for Efficiency and Growth
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Warrnambool City Council for local business resources

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