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TCC 18 - Building a Granny Flat on your Property



With higher interest rates impacting investors, many buyers are looking at creative ways to boost their rental income.

One popular strategy is building an extra dwelling – like a granny flat – on the property.

While it’s not possible in all situations, there are benefits to having a second residence on the property.

This episode explores some advantages and disadvantages of building a granny flat on your investment property.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (0:39) General Advice Disclaimer and Introduction to Granny Flats
  • (1:52) What is a Granny Flat?
  • (2:44) Features and Zoning Requirements of Granny Flats
  • (3:54) Advantages of Building a Granny Flat: Cash Flow and Yield
  • (4:52) Tax Benefits and Capital Gains Tax Implications
  • (5:49) CGT Exemptions for Granny Flat Arrangements
  • (7:03) Written Agreements for Granny Flats to Protect Legal and Financial Interests
  • (7:37) Conditions for CGT Exemption and Modifying Agreements
  • (8:20) Additional Advantage: Equity Growth
  • Load More…

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