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TCC 20 - How to Make an Urgent Superannuation Contribution with NO Money



Generally, a contribution to a self-managed superannuation fund (or SMSF) is tax deductible when it has been received by the SMSF BEFORE the 30th June and is acknowledged in writing by the fund Trustees that they have received a Notice of Intent from the payer that they wish to claim the contribution as a tax deduction.

In the case of electronic transfers, there is a danger of missing out on a tax deduction if the contributions are transferred on the 30th of June but don’t make it to the SMSFs account until after 1 July.

This episode comes from a real-life case just before the 30th of June and is about how to make an urgent tax-deductible contribution to your SMSF with no money!

What you’ll learn: 

  • (1:24) Introduction to SMSF Contributions
  • (2:15) Timing of SMSF Contributions
  • (3:05) Importance of Contribution Timing
  • (3:48) Housekeeping for SMSFs Using Cheques
  • (4:47) Making Urgent Contributions to SMSFs
  • (5:39) Using Promissory Notes for Contributions
  • (7:00) Recommendations for SMSF Contributions
  • Loads More…

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