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TCC 23 - How a Virtual Assistant Can Transform Your Business with Carmen Williams from Global Teams
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The use of remote offshore workers or virtual assistants is revolutionising the way business owners deal with a large number of menial tasks in a labour-shortage market.

Virtual Assistants or VAs can work on a part-time or full-time basis, and they can be hired for specific projects or on an ongoing basis. They are typically paid by the hour, project, or month.

In this episode, I am joined by a business colleague of mine, Carmen Williams, who runs the very successful international employee management service – Global Teams, to discuss how they can transform your business and the way you operate in the future.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (0:13) Introduction: Revolutionizing Business with Virtual Assistants
  • (1:02) Quickfire Questions with Carmen Williams
  • (2:17) Getting to Know Carmen Williams: Personal Insights
  • (3:01) Deeper Dive: Who is Carmen Williams?
  • (4:23) The Origin of Global Teams
  • (4:59) Why Global Teams Started: A Fortuitous Accident
  • (5:38) The Global Presence of Global Teams
  • (6:15) How Global Teams Utilize Virtual Assistants
  • (6:49) Tasks Delegated to Virtual Assistants by Carmen Williams
  • (7:44) Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants
  • (8:33) Additional Advantages of Virtual Assistants
  • (9:39) Best Practices for Hiring and Managing Virtual Assistants
  • Loads More…

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