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TCC 31 - How to Create an Effective Opt-In Page



Many of us use some form of advertising to attract potential customers to the landing pages on our websites where an offer is made to them with a call to action for them to subscribe to our email list or register for an offer.

This type of landing page is called an opt-in page and is focused on collecting email addresses in exchange for something valuable, often called a “lead magnet” – a free offer that entices visitors to subscribe (e.g., ebook, checklist, webinar, discount).

This episode is about how to maximise the effectiveness of the opt-in pages we use to attract new customers to our business.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (0:14) Introduction: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Opt-In Pages
  • (0:53) Host Introduction and Episode Overview
  • (1:32) Defining Opt-In Pages
  • (2:18) Importance of Opt-In Pages
  • (2:58) Benefits of Optimized Opt-In Pages
  • (3:39) Essential Elements for Effective Opt-In Pages
  • (4:26) Creating a Compelling Headline
  • (4:59) Writing Clear and Concise Body Copy
  • (5:50) Choosing a Lead Magnet
  • (5:57) The Importance of a Strong Call to Action
  • Loads More…

Links and Resources:

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