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TCC 32 - Returning to Work After Retirement



Employers are desperate for workers and cost of living pressures are making it tough to live on a pension.

That’s a perfect mix of conditions to send some retirees back to work.

But it’s smart to get good advice before you take the leap.

This episode is about returning to work after retirement and what to look out for.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (0:15) Introduction: Perfect Conditions for Retirees Returning to Work
  • (0:38) Host Introduction and General Advice Disclaimer
  • (1:35) Disclaimer
  • (1:51) Increasing Trend of Retirees Returning to Work
  • (2:43) Reasons for Returning to Work
  • (3:26) Impact on Aged Pension
  • (3:57) Work Bonus Incentive
  • (4:19) Accumulating Work Bonus Income
  • (4:52) Superannuation Considerations
  • (5:15) Tax Implications of Superannuation
  • (5:34) Accumulation Phase Tax Considerations
  • (6:03) Tax Considerations for Personal Investments
  • (6:27) Conclusion: Seeking Professional Advice
  • Loads More…

Links and Resources:

National Seniors Australia: Research and Policy

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Labour Force Data

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