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TCC 41 - Hitting Your Sweet Spot Out of the Park!



This episode is about the sweet spot in business – that intersection where your strengths, passions, and what the market wants all collide.

If you can align these three areas and nurture them with your core message you will not only have a fulfilling business life but one that others enjoy too.

What you’ll learn:

  • (0:51) Finding Your Business Sweet Spot: A Cricket Bat Analogy
  • (1:40) The Venn Diagram of Awesome: Balancing Strengths, Passions, and Market Demand
  • (1:58) Red Flags and Tweaks: Navigating Passion and Market Alignment
  • (3:00) Adaptability in Business: Filling Market Gaps with Innovation
  • (3:29) Crafting Your Core Message: Elevating Your Sweet Spot to Success
  • Loads More…

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