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TCC 48 - How to Supercharge Your Retirement with Property with Lisa Thomas from Supavest



We all want to be able to live comfortably, especially in retirement, and given the rapidly aging population we have, there is no guarantee that the Age Pension safety net will be available and accessible to many in the future.

Today’s episode is about how to Supercharge Your Retirement With Property – building a secure future and getting ahead of the retirement game using an innovative solution from Supavest.

What you’ll learn:

  • (0:31) The Importance of Early Retirement Planning
  • (0:44) Introduction to Supercharging Your Retirement with Property
  • (1:06) Host Introduction and General Advice Disclaimer
  • (1:43) Investment Decision Considerations and Legal Disclaimer
  • (2:13) Welcoming Lisa Thomas from SuperVest
  • (2:57) Overview of SMSFs and Their Flexibility
  • (3:35) Introduction to SuperVest and Property Investment for SMSFs
  • (3:55) Challenges of House and Land Packages for SMSFs
  • (4:28) SuperVest’s Solution to House and Land Package Challenges
  • (4:52) How SuperVest Facilitates Single-Part Contracts
  • (5:38) Security and Compliance with SuperVest’s Approach
  • (6:20) Purchasing Property with SMSFs Using SuperVest
  • (6:42) SuperVest’s Process of Land Purchase and Construction
  • (7:12) Benefits of SuperVest for Business Customers and SMSF Setup
  • Loads More…

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