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TCC 49 - The 12 Reasons Why Businesses Fail



50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years – so, why the hell would you want to start one with those odds?

This episode – ‘the 12 Reasons Why Businesses Fail’ is based on what I have found to be the common causes since I began my career way back in 1983.

I will be sharing some insights from my latest book – Starting the Dream: How to Avoid a Nightmare When You Start a Business – to help you achieve your dream of running a successful business by recognising the pitfalls to avoid.

What you’ll learn:

  • (1:16) “The Importance of Vision: Setting the Course for Business Success”
  • (1:50) “Starting with the End in Mind: Visualizing Success in Business”
  • (2:25) “Laying the Foundation: Defining Goals and Values in Business”
  • (3:02) “Crafting Your Business Identity: Mission, Vision, Purpose”
  • (3:45) “Clarifying Mission, Vision, and Purpose: Keys to Business Direction”
  • (4:28) “Inspiring Change: Communicating Purpose in Business”
  • (5:02) “Adapting to Growth: Evolving Business Identity”
  • (5:32) “Embracing the Challenges: Realities of Business Ownership”
  • (5:54) “Understanding Business Statistics: Insights and Trends”
  • Loads More…

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