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TCC 2 - The A.I.D.A. Marketing Model



Does your business have a strong flow of leads coming in, is it a trickle or just a few drops every now and again?

It is not uncommon for a lot of business owners to only prioritise their marketing when they are experiencing sales dropping off or drying up completely.

They have no sales or jobs for their Team to fulfil so they run a marketing campaign. This brings in some business, they get busy, and their Team start to complete the orders until they run out of work again.

Then they think to themselves – ‘our cash flow is short again, we better do some more marketing’ – and so the disjointed process repeats over and over again. The lead funnel formula guides potential customers through the marketing process and increases the likelihood of converting them into buying the products or services you sell, and if used consistently will deliver a constant supply of customers to your business, and a consistent cash flow as a consequence.

If you are the type of business that does reactive marketing, there is a better, more sustainable way to bring in a constant supply of leads to your business – The A.I.D.A. Marketing Model.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (0:41) Understanding Lead Generation: Assessing the Flow for Your Business
  • (1:06) The AIDA marketing model could be the solution.
  • (1:51) Chris talks about Understanding its Ineffectiveness for Your Business
  • (2:24) Understanding its Limitations and Short-Term Solutions
  • (3:06) Creating a consistent cash flow requires different thinking.
  • (3:20) The AIDA marketing model is the basis of today’s marketing
  • (4:09) The AIDA marketing model outlines
  • (4:58) Building Brand Awareness and Engagement
  • (6:02) Cultivating Desire for Your Brand, Product, or Service
  • (6:56)Guiding Customers Through Informed Decisions
  • (6:56)Guiding Customers Through Informed Decisions
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