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TCC 1 - How to Reduce Your Student Loan (HELP) Debt



One of the biggest costs to a successful career can be your education fees.

If you have a study and training loan balance (e.g., a HELP debt), it may be worthwhile to consider methods of reducing the balance to ensure you are not left with a large tax bill when you lodge your income tax return later this year.

What you’ll learn: 

  • (1:00) Understanding Investment Advice: Assessing Suitability and Tax Ramifications
  • (1:49) A Journey Through Generational Student Loan Dynamics
  • (2:41) Unraveling the Impact of Indexation on Help Debt Loans and Home Loan Applications
  • (3:21) Three Crucial Tips for Borrowers
  • (4:08) Chris talks about the Importance of Early Voluntary Repayments for Managing Help Debt
  • (4:39) Chris talks about Managing Your Student Loan: Practical Steps to Reduce Debt
  • Lear more…

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