28th Feb 2024

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If you are a Business Owner/Entrepreneur who is …

Paying too much tax.
Worried about exposing your family home to creditors and other business risks.
Constantly behind in your bookwork
Constantly worried about cashflow.
Looking for more leads to convert into more sales.
Desperately trying to claim back your personal time to spend with your family and doing what you love.
Interested in strategies to build a business that works without you being there.
Lacking ideas for strategies to grow your business

THEN, this workshop is for you!

The Skyrocket Your Business Success event is designed to show how you can fast-track your success and build a more resilient business for the future.

At this workshop you will be learning:

  • How to structure your business to pay less tax than you legally have to
  • How to protect your hard-earned wealth and family assets;
  • The power of cloud accounting with AI to automate bookkeeping tasks
  • How to predict & manage your cash flow so there are always funds available to meet the bills;
  • How to grow your business with 5 cost-effective strategies that work;
  • A proven method for documenting your systems and sharing with your Team;
  • How to create more time to do the things you REALLY love.
  • How the power of AI is set to revolutionise the way we do business

How To Attend

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Meet Chris Beks

Founder and Director

A local Business Expert with over 40 years of experience.

Chris is a qualified Accountant & Tax Agent, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner, International Best-selling Author, Business Coach, Podcast Host and Team Leader at the multi-award-winning Ceebeks Business Solutions for GOOD.

Started as an accountant after graduating in 1983 and launched Ceebeks Business Solutions for GOOD in 1990. Today he has a small team – ‘the sensational seven’ who deliver their award-winning services to their customers across Australia.

Why this Training is Different

Unlike many training programs, this one is delivered by someone with over 40 years experience who has ‘walked the talk’ and started a business from scratch, and who is qualified to speak on a number of business topics.


You will get exposure to different growth strategies that will dramatically change your business, learn how to manage your cash flow, keep more of the profit you make instead of ‘donating it to the tax man’, safeguard your family home and the other hard-earned assets accumulated to date


The Ultimate VA Task Checklist

This checklist will help you capture all of the repetitive tasks you are probably doing that can be performed remotely with a virtual or digital assistant.


The Simplest Marketing Plan template

A simple fill-in-the gaps template designed to ensure you capture all relevant information BEFORE you start marketing your business.


Complimentary Subscription to our National Award-winning Magazine

Find out how other business owners’ journey have been transformed, learn new tips and strategies and get expert insights from a leading industry each quarter in the Southwest’s first digitised magazine.


System – How to create Systems for your Business

This template breaks down how to create a system or process for the repetitive tasks in your business that can then be performed by someone other than YOU!


From probably the greatest marketing genius in the world, this is a summary of Seth Godin’s brilliant ideas-generating book that will help you really STAND OUT from your competition!


The business journey can be lonely at times. Your friends, family and employees might not ‘get’ why you put in so much blood, sweat and tears into your business. But other business owners DO! You will be invited to join our exclusive group.

How To Attend

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