More Money

‘How can I get more money?’

‘Should I renovate or move?’

‘How can I get hold of $1000?’

‘Which mortgage?’

‘How can I get out of this debt?’

‘How can I be my own boss?’

Do any of these questions apply to you? If so, don’t despair, the answer is in your hands.

This book, based on the second series of Channel 9’s top-rating ‘Money’ programme, gives you innovative tips on how to make yourself more money. It explains clearly and concisely how to achieve everyday savings, tackles those perennial problems of credit cards, mortgages, real estate, insurance and investment and even shows you how to get a free holiday.

As you use your money more profitably, More Money can also tell you how to invest in those collectables that are enjoyable now and will increase their worth in the future.

Paul Clitheroe and his “Money” team know the answers to your financial worries. In this invaluable book, they give you the information and confidence you need to take control of your financial future.