The Greatest Miracle in the World

Og remains true to his great story-telling form in this book. He combines his real life world as editor of Success magazine with a fictional character, Simon. Simon is a sage old gent, who keeps an apartment near Og’s office.

The book describes a series of conversations at Simon’s apartment between Simon and Og.

4 rules to make your life a miracle

The book leads up to a final message from Simon. In his last words to Og, he outlines four rules to make your life a miracle.

  • Count your blessings.

You possess every skill, every talent, and every requirement to do great things with your life. Be thankful for it.

  • Proclaim your rarity.

In the history of the world, there has never been anyone just like you. There never will be. What is such a treasure worth? You are priceless! Don’t devalue yourself.

  • Go another mile.

Excellence is what is required from someone as rare as you. Mediocrity will not suffice. Give more than is expected of you.

  • Use wisely your power of choice.

Note the word “power” – there is power in our choices. Power for good or evil. Power to grow. Power to wither. Power to create or destroy. Will you choose to make your life a miracle?