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The world of tech tools is now starting to take on the influence of AI due to the speed and efficiency in which this technology can deliver and produce results.

Once such tool that is awesome for writers, content creators, and professionals generate simple and effective written content is 2short.ai.

It can transform lengthy pieces of text into shorter, more concise versions while keeping the core message and meaning.

Even better, it can analyse your long videos and identify the most engaging moments and then extract these moments to create short, shareable clips. 

This process is automated, saving you the time and effort of manually sifting through your content.

Gone are the days of trying to produce more content when now you can simply re-purpose content that is evergreen (content that doesn’t have a use by date!) with this tech tool and produce several different interesting and meaningful pieces in no time at all.

While the AI is responsible for the initial reduction, it is advisable to further edit and refine the shortened content to ensure it aligns with your preferences, tone and intended message.

Check out 2short.ai.

Have a great day!

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