3 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams

Hello Chasers,

I love Sundays because they are usually the days where I get to relax, maybe read, watch the footy, listen to music, garden etc.

Speaking of the garden, the recent spate of warm weather has done wonders for the

remaining crop of tomatoes. Who would have thought that on the verge of Winter we still have a lot to harvest!

They also give me time to reflect and dream …

… of new ideas, projects or marketing strategies.

I have found that the three main keys to achieving my dreams are as follows:

  1. Dream

Over the years I have learnt that the only way to guarantee to reach your dreams is to set them. The bigger the dream, the more obstacles, challenges and resistance you’ll probably encounter along the way. That’s where your positivity, passion and belief in yourself comes into play – after all, if you don’t think you can achieve your dream, then no one else will either.


Even if you have these qualities, from time to time the little voice inside your head will trigger off your ‘impostor syndrome’ trying to convince you that you can’t do it, you’re not worthy or who do you think you are aiming for this? And it’s only through working through those moments and effectively managing that internal chat by mastering that inner voice that you will learn to channel it ways to motivate and encourage you on your journey.

  1. Create an Action Plan

Once you’ve come up with your dream, the next step to make it become a reality is to figure out how you can achieve it. This stage can be overwhelming and it’s where the majority or people stop in their quest to achieve their goals. Just bear in mind that nothing worthwhile has ever been completed easily, without a plan or hard work in a single day.

You don’t need to plan out every step of your map at first, an outline is a good start, but you do need to have a basic understanding of main tasks and what it will take to complete each one. For example, what resources do you need, and how do you get them?

Also be careful to plan for what’s actually possible and achievable, rather than getting carried away by the dream. The move from having a dream to drawing an Action Plan of the roadmap that will take you on your journey can be a moment of truth for many entrepreneurs. Even after you map your path, you have to plan to be flexible. A bumpy road, however, is not a reason to give up you might just need to ask for directions (get some advice from a mentor or coach) and take a detour.

3.Hard Work

This is the most important key and the area where many give up and drop their pursuit of achieving greater things in their lives.

Once you have a dream and you have planned how to get there, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

Hard work is about educating yourself on the main areas that you are deficient in

(outsourcing to experts if necessary) improving your knowledge and understanding and investing in the necessary areas for that growth to happen. Being in business is a continual cycle of learning, understanding and implementing because the one constant thing being in business is that business changesenvironments, markets, customer preferences, regulations and laws, and technology!

These are small, incremental steps that are to be made gradually, but they are all crucial.

We will encounter setbacks and roadblocks along the journey, and that’s okay because they are all learning moments because the more we are challenged, the more we will understand and grow.

These three keys have worked for any project that I have set out to achieve, whether it’s starting my business, writing a book, creating a tropical garden in a temperate climate or bee keeping.

Start to dream, figure out how to get there, and then put in the work – you can do this, too!

Have a great day!

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