5 ideas on getting your team enthusiastically involved in your business!

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getting your team involved

Building a cohesive Team that will drive your business further than you could on your own is another important aspect of running a successful business.

Here are some ideas that could help you build an awesome team and, consequently, your business:

  1. Offer an incentive to team members for bringing in customers of the right type.
  2. Have “fun breaks.” For example, once a month you can call a half-hour fun break with music, ice cream for everyone and team building games.
  1. Change your business cards to make them more interesting.

Give one to every member of the team. Your team members, just like you, meet all sorts of people at all sorts of places, many of whom might be potential customers. It can also be a great lead for finding new team members, and encourage them to refer people who might fit in well with your business.

  1. Empower the team by respecting their understanding of your customer’s needs, and giving them the power to make some decisions.
  2. Thank your team members. The words “thank you” are usually lacking in most business places.

A “thank you” said every single day to each team member on their way out the door can make all the difference.

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