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Ceebeks 90-Day Action Plan

Hello Chasers,

One of the tools you must have in order to grow a highly successful business is your 90-Day Action Plan, the topic of our blog post yesterday.

It allows you to focus with razor-sharp accuracy on those projects and the tasks required that will move your business forward in the next quarter of the year.

Now given there are so many different areas of your business that you could be working on at any point in time, you only have a certain amount of time and energy to devote to any of them. But, by narrowing your focus down to 4-5 key areas you will be more likely to achieve them

Remember – Less Is More!

You only get paid for the things you complete not all those things you have in progress, therefore, focussing on a couple will be more productive and financially rewarding for you. Start those things you know you can complete and implement straight away in your business.

Our Chasers Getting Results Program has a template for you to use to create your 90-Day Action Plan where you list those 5 MUST DO projects for the next 90 days, and then you breakdown that project into smaller tasks by recording some of the main action steps required to complete them under each project.

A good place to start is by reviewing those projects you have previously started but never finished – provided they add extra revenue, efficiency or leads to your business. In other words, they need to make an impact on your business results! There is no point in starting 4-5 new things if you are 80-90% finished on these other projects – include them on your plan and get them done and dusted!

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