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Hello Chasers,

Do you know if your social media and website links are working?

Do you know if you have pages that have been optimised to give you the best possible results for attracting leads?

As a new business owner, you want to make sure your website is optimised for search engines so that potential customers can find you. 

There are software tools that allow you to assess your website, provide an output of links, metadata, word counts, and headers all dead simple to understand—and even more so that the ‘heavy lifting is all done for you.

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool that can help you do just that.

Here are some tips on how to use Semrush to maximise your SEO:

  • Perform a domain analysis on your own website and your competitors’ websites. This will give you a good understanding of where you stand and what you need to do to improve.
  • Use the keyword suggestion function to find keywords that potential customers are searching for. Then, create new web content that targets these keywords.
  • Identify link-building opportunities. Semrush can show you websites that link to your competitors. You can reach out to these websites and see if they would be willing to link to your website as well.
  • Tweak technical aspects of your site. Semrush can help you identify any technical problems with your website that are preventing you from ranking higher in search results.

Here are some specific examples of how you can use Semrush:

  • Use the keyword suggestion function to find keywords for your blog posts. Semrush will also tell you how difficult it will be to rank for these keywords, so you can choose keywords that are challenging but achievable.
  • Use the domain analysis feature to find websites that might be worth approaching for backlinks. Look for websites that are relevant to your industry and that have a high authority score.
  • Use the SEO audit feature to find and fix any technical problems with your website. This will help you improve your ranking in search results.

Semrush is a powerful tool that can help you improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your website. It’s easy to use, even for beginners. If you’re serious about improving your SEO, I highly recommend checking out Semrush.

Semrush also offers a free trial, so you can try it out before you commit to a paid subscription.

Check it out here: Semrush

Have a great day!

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