Hello Chasers,

Last week I attended the 2nd quarter conference for our business network that was focused entirely on the theme of AI (artificial intelligence).

And to say it blew my mind is an understatement!

Rather than being overwhelmed and scared of it, I am so excited about the possibilities of its use for the future.

To understand how it works, let’s use a restaurant meal as an example.

The ingredients in the meal are the data required for AI to learn. The recipes used are the algorithms or sequences that AI follows to produce the meal. The chef is the trained expert or the model that AI follows to deliver the outcome.

AI is machine learning or the process of training models to learn from data.

Here’s a few of the automations that were demonstrated on what AI can already do:

  • Create ideas (ideate) and brainstorm.
  • Marketing – weekly content machine
  • Sales – chat sequences, high ticket offers.
  • Audience delivery – better training, chat bots, coaching
  • Operations – summarise documents, presentations, emails.
  • Productivity – organise thoughts, to-do lists.
  • Analysis – writing style, voice style, sales pages & funnels.
  • Image creation – slide decks, social media, websites
  • Personal organiser – meal plans, travel itinerary

Now whilst some industries and jobs will be greatly impacted by AI (estimated to be 85 million jobs by 2025), AI will create new jobs (estimated to be more than 97 million by 2025 too!)

35% of businesses recently surveyed have already begun using AI. Those who don’t will be left behind very quickly as the early adopters gain a foothold in the marketplace.

I encourage you to check out ChatGPT or Bard and have a play around with it using very simple prompts, such as: In the style of Jerry Seinfeld, create 10 different jokes for me to use at a dinner party, and marvel at what the AI is able to produce.

Ceebeks is already using AI and will be testing out different models to show our Chasers in the near future.

Incidentally, the image for this blog post is original and was produced by AI software called Midjourney.

Have a great day!

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