Another Sydney Conference!

Hello Chasers,

Today I head to Sydney for another quarterly conference.

I’m really looking forward to this one as I will be able to meet up with two of our girls who are in Geelong. It has been several weeks since we have caught up in Geelong together and so a quick stop for lunch before I catch my afternoon flight is perfect timing!

Starting on Monday 7th of August we have a full day Masterclass with Lisa McInnes-Smith in Influence – The Art of Inspiring Others to Perform.

Then of Tuesday we have several different speakers on topics ranging from How to Get Inspired, Building Brand Collaborations, How to Plug the 7 Biggest Sales Revenue Leaks in Your Business, The Step-by-Step Formula for Finding the Right Marketing Partners & Leadership Matters.

Wednesday has a review of new tech tools, How to Build an AI Chatbot in Minutes to Automate 90% of Your Support & Sales and concluding with a presentation by Kristina Karlsson of her biggest learnings form building a multi-million-dollar business.

The other awesome part of this conference is that I get to hang out with real visionary business owners who support and help each other to succeed.

That’s why I love to keep up to date with new technology, ideas and marketing strategies which I can pass on to you.

In business you’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting, as Ray Kroc once said. (He was the businessman who turned McDonald’s into a global franchise. The quote is often used to convey the idea that one must constantly strive to improve and grow in order to be successful).

Have a great day!

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