Are You Eligible for a $28,000 Grant?

As part of the Government’s Economic Response to COVID-19, and commitment to a skilled economy, an additional $1.2 billion boost has been announced to encourage employers to take on new apprentices and trainees.

Employers of any size, or industry, Australia-wide who commence an Australian Apprentice between 5 October 2020 and 30 September 2021 may be eligible under this program.

Your business or Group Training Organisation may be eligible if:

  • you engage an Australian Apprentice or trainee between 5 October 2020 and 30 September 2021; and
  • your Australian Apprentice or trainee is undertaking a Certificate II or higher qualification and has a training contract that is formally approved by the state training authority.

Additional eligibility requirements will apply to existing workers.

From 28 October 2020, an employer, or host employer (if using a Group Training Organisation), will be eligible for the subsidy for up to 30 existing worker commencements when:

  • an existing worker transfers from a casual employment arrangement to either a part-time or
  • full-time Australian Apprenticeship; or
  • an existing worker transfers from a part-time employment arrangement to a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.

There will be no changes for commencements of existing workers in trade-based Australian Apprenticeships.

If you have team members who are casual and want to move them to part-time employment or part-time moving to full-time and they need training, then by simply enrolling them in an approved Training Contract and completing the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Registration form should qualify you for the grant provided the other eligibility requirements are met!

As long as all other eligibility criteria are met, an Australian Apprentice who has an approved Training Contract, with a commencement date between 5 October and 27 October 2020, will be eligible to attract the subsidy for their employer. The revised eligibility will only apply to commencements from 28 October 2020.

Eligible employers and Group Training Organisations can apply for a wage subsidy of 50 per cent of the commencing or recommencing apprentice or trainee’s gross wage paid.

The subsidy is available for a maximum of $7,000 per quarter per eligible Australian Apprentice, for wages paid in the 12-month period from the date of commencement or recommencement until 30 September 2021.

The final date for new entrants into the program is 30 September 2021. Payments will be made quarterly in arrears directly into the recipient’s nominated bank account. Final claims for payment must be lodged by 31 December 2022.

An eligible employer should advise of intent to claim Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements using the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Registration form during sign up of a new Australian Apprentice. The form will be available from an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider, such as Westvic Staffing Solutions in Warrnambool. Contact Dean Luciani on 03 55619000 or by email:

Remember, this grant is available from the 5th October 2020 so don’t miss out if you have already met these requirements, or are looking to do so, up to the 30th September 2021.

Have a great day!

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