Are you stalling on the one thing that could bring you the results you want?

Do you wake up with ideas, make some rough plans on how to bring them to reality but then go stone cold on them?

Many of us already know that there are areas in our business (and life) that could use some attention. We know we’re not doing everything we should or could to continually improve ourselves, our businesses, our relationships and so on.

We simply let time pass without taking the steps we already know we should take to move forward.

Time passes. Another week, another month.

We’re still doing the same things over and over and expecting, desperately hoping is more like it, that things will change all by themselves.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

They won’t change all by themselves.

You have to take action.

In the words of the wise Homer Simpson – ‘DOH!’

Is that a cliche already? Yes.

Is it also valuable advice? Maybe.

It’s only valuable if you actually take action.

So what does it mean to take action?

It means making a list of everything you’re not doing that you could be doing. Everything you’ve had glimmers of insight about now and again. Ideas that you knew, in that moment, would work but were too busy, lazy or scared to do them so you convinced yourself it wasn’t the best idea.

We both know that you know you can work on building your business. And we both know that you know you could be doing things differently to take you to the next level.

If your business isn’t growing, it’s shrinking.

But still, we stall. We cling tight to the ‘way we do things’ and avoid activities that we’re not comfortable with.

We think to ourselves – if we do more of what we’re already doing – we’ll get better results. If it’s not more, it’s other.

If you’re happy with the results you’re getting pay no attention. But if you want them to improve it’s time to start doing new things, the things we stall on.

Why do people stall?

Some stall and procrastinate because they believe it’s safer, it’s easier. Procrastination is deeply rooted in fear actually.

Some spend more time worrying about what they have to do than actually doing it.

Some, like me, set really high standards for themselves and fear failing or being upset by their results if they don’t work out well. Is it better to not succeed because you didn’t try than to try and fail? It has taken me some time to learn this and that’s the important lesson that failure brings – you learn how to improve and do things differently!

Suggesting time management or improving organisational skills won’t help you if you’re generally an organised person. Sometimes we can be quite organised and on-the-ball in most areas of our life and work but stall on the things we fear most.

That’s why it’s important to ask yourself, why are you stalling on this one thing? Why aren’t you taking steps forward? What are you afraid of?

If we want to change we must first be aware of our actions and their results (in this case our inaction).

Being aware of stalling/procrastinating is the first step.

Understanding is the second step to change. Knowing why we do what we do often help us find the reason to change.

The third step to change is reconditioning – that is – taking new actions, finally doing what we’ve been afraid to do and see what happens. Adjusting our course as needed, getting help where needed and consistently moving forward on a path of continual improvement.

Are you stalling on the one thing that could bring you the results you want?

Meditate on that one for a while. Allow yourself to get excited about the prospect of improving one thing in your business or life. It won’t hurt and it may be just what you needed.

Remember this saying by Henry Ford ‘if you always do what you’ve always done then you will always get what you always got!’

So it’s time to think and do things differently – how about coming along to our next Chasers Check In on Wednesday 17th June for some extra motivation?

Have a great day!

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