Hello Chasers,

If you struggle sometimes with getting your message across with text then an amazing alternative is this tool – Blush Design

With this app you can tell your story with illustrations.

Blush was built for designers who have a specific vision for their illustrations but who cannot draw or afford to hire an illustrator to make them come to life. You get to customise the pose, facial expression, accessories and many, many more aspects for your illustrations.

Blush essentially allows you to tell the exact story you want to tell and truly stand out visually. If you can doodle on paper then you can create a fully custom illustration in minutes even if you can’t draw and there is a free plugin.

You can easily create and customise stunning illustrations with collections made by artists across the globe.

One such use that comes to mind with this tool is a simple comic of several different scenes which could easily help get your message across to your ideal audience.

Try it, but not at work as it is addictive and not very good use of your time during a busy work schedule.

But, it’s kind of fun.

Have a great day!

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