Bringing The Lead Funnel Formula to Light!

Hello Chasers,

Now that we have the components in place for the lead funnel formula, namely:

  1. Target Market (Our Avatar)
  2. Lead Generation (Attract)
  3. Lead Magnet (Capture)
  4. Conversion Tool (Convert)

We now introduce the product or service that we want our leads to purchase or subscribe to.

This is Product/Service 1 where we show the value of what our offering can do to solve the problems     that our leads have which attracted them to our landing page in the first place.

So, let’s review an example to bring this all together using the image above.

Our fitness-based business has identified Post Pregnant Mother’s who want to lose weight as our Target Market (Avatar)

Our Lead Generation (Attract) strategies include:

  • Signs in Windows of Local Health Food Shops.
  • Referrals from Business Owners GP.
  • Writing Health & Fitness Articles in Local Magazine

We use the following Lead Magnet (Capture) to build up our leads and prospects:

  • Free Video file of our Programs with Testimonials of Participants; and
  • One of our Success Story clients on the phone selling

Our leads have moved down the ‘lead funnel’ to our Landing Page to Product /Service 1 we offer and want them to buy or subscribe to – our Fast-Action Weight Loss Program.

On our Landing Page we have a compelling headline that highlights and ‘aggravates’ the problem for our Avatar. Our copy clearly outlines the solution to those problems and then provides the benefits

that our Avatar will receive for taking up the offer. It contains a ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) which simply directs the Avatar to the next steps they need to buy or subscribe to your solution and what they can expect next. e.g. personal introductory phone call, personal one-on-one meeting to clarify their needs and goals etc.

The Lead Funnel Formula is a system of processes and steps to guide and nurture your ideal potential customers to become actual customers.

If you want some help in building this out for your business contact Shannae Hewett on 55612643.

Have a great day!

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