Building Your Team Charter

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Building on from our Productive People theme for this quarter and expanding on last Saturday’s blog about developing your Team Charter, we will focus on the various components that make it up.

Team Purpose

Narrow down the group’s mission, calling, or guiding purpose into a single sentence. Agree on 3–4 values that define your group. To help determine it, ask yourselves:

What kind of team is this exactly? (A work team, project team, management team, coordination team?)

Why does the team exist? What’s the team responsible for accomplishing?

What “work” does the team do?

What topics belong “in” this team, and what’s “out”?

What shared values define our group?

Team Context

Make sure everyone understands how the team fits into the bigger picture.

Who’s the team accountable to?

With what other groups/teams do we connect? What do they want/need from us?

What are our differentiators? What defines and sets apart our group?

What links exist between our group and others? How solid are those ties? How will our team interact with other groups?

Team Goals

Clarify the group’s output, tasks, or concrete contributions. Consider:

What specific results do we expect from our team’s efforts?

What outcomes do we want? (This may be in terms of cost, quality, speed, service, quantity, coordination, innovation, etc.)

How can we measure those outcomes?

Team Roles

A group doesn’t exist without boundaries. Who is included on the team and who isn’t? How might this change over time?

Who’s on the team? What perspective does each member bring?

Are there special roles (e.g., leader, facilitator, etc.) on the team?

Are there key sub-groups within the team? What do the subgroups do or require?

Team Work Processes

Nail down workflows and expectations. How will the team share information, deliberate, and decide things?

What processes will we use to do the team’s work? (List them out, step by step.)

What expectations do we have around how we work and what we do?

How often will we meet?

Who determines and manages our agenda?

How will we connect with our stakeholders and other sponsors of our work?

Team Decision-Making

What decisions are made within this team?

What’s out of bounds?

What level of decision-making responsibility do we have?

What decision process will we use?

How will we communicate with each other and connect to others within the organization? (Learn some communication tools your team can try out to help people become teamwork activators, rather than blockers.)

Team Norms

What do we expect of each other?

How do we agree to handle conflict?

What are our team norms and/or operating principles? 

Once all of these pieces are defined and captured, they should be translated into a shared, written document, or official team charter for all the see and operate by.

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