Hello Chasers,

A beautiful sunny day and I’m in my element outside in the garden mowing, weeding, pruning and tidying up.

I also got to do my first inspection of our bees since being transferred from the Nuc into their bigger home.

They have handled the transition very well and have already built out the foundation frames with honeycomb so quickly that they are now busy filling them with honey and brood.

I will need to check on how advanced they are after this coming week as I head away to Sydney for a conference the following week and want to make sure that they are not running out of room.

Beekeeping is such an interesting hobby and compliments our love of gardening.

I’m so grateful to my family for introducing beekeeping to me.

What hobbies do you have that you love doing?

I would love to hear and share them with your fellow chasers on how you unwind in your spare time away from the business.

Have a great day!

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