Cebu – A Family Holiday to Remember

Hello Chasers,

Last week, Angela and I took our three girls to Cebu in the Philippines for 9 days as part of the International Business Conference we attended, where we caught up with our Filipino ‘daughters’, Angie & Rocel.

Angie and Rocel are our international team members who have now worked with us for several years based in the Philippines.

Rocel came back to Australia with us after the 2022 International Conference in Dumaguete, in the Philippines where she got to experience our culture, flora and fauna and Australiana and meet our girls.

Our girls were able to catch up with Rocel again and meet Angie for the first time in person.

The five of them immediately bonded and shared many laughs, shopping and each other’s company.

Like many business owners, we wear a lot of hats. We’re the CEOs, the marketing gurus, HR consultants and life coaches (sometimes). Running a business can feel like a constant battle between crushing deadlines and that nagging itch to explore. But a huge key to a more successful, and dare I say, SANER life, lies in spending quality time with… your family?

This trip was important to us for several reasons:

  • Recharge and Refocus: Being constantly ‘on’ is a recipe for burnout. Holidays with loved ones provide a much-needed escape from the daily grind. Sun-filled days with average temperatures of 32 degrees, surrounded by like-minded, fun-living businesspeople in the beautiful Shangria La resort in Mactan, Cebu – was not hard to take even if there was work to do! These moments of connection and joy will leave us feeling recharged and ready to tackle new challenges back home.
  • Boost Creativity: Sometimes the best business ideas come from the most unexpected places. Sharing a sunset with your folks on the resort beach or exploring the vibrant street markets with your partner can spark fresh perspectives and ignite that creative spark you’ve been missing.
  • Strengthen Your Support System: Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. A family holiday is a chance to reconnect with the people who understand you best. They’re my cheerleaders, my sounding board, and a nurse to apply Aloe Vera lotion on (if that sunburn gets a little too hot). Knowing you have this unwavering support network behind you can be a game-changer for your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Make Memories (and Tax Deductions!): Okay, hear me out. There’s a reason why family travel is a billion-dollar industry. These shared experiences create lasting memories that become treasured stories. Plus, depending on the nature of your business, some travel expenses with family members might even be tax-deductible (well a good portion of it anyway!).

We work really hard at helping others achieve the dreams they are chasing and really enjoyed taking time off for a timely family holiday that coincided with an International Business Conference. 

You can do this too and won’t regret it one bit.

You’ll return with a renewed sense of purpose, a rekindled connection with your loved ones, and maybe even that million-dollar idea that will take your business to the next level. After all, a happy, healthy entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur.

We made many memories in Cebu and our family will remember this one.

Have a great day!

If you are looking to combine business and pleasure contact our office for advice to understand the rules and record keeping requirements for claiming tax deductions.

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