Chasing the Dream!TM Virtual Book Launch

Implementing four key fundamental rules will help businesses rebuild, recover and thrive after the crippling coronavirus pandemic.

Warrnambool business development specialist Chris Beks says many businesses have had to strip back to the core to survive, but would need to change dramatically and adapt further in the future.

Mr Beks has written Chasing the Dream!TM How to Grow a Business in these Amazing Times which outlines the four fundamental drivers of success – increasing the number of your ideal customers; increasing the number of times they come back; increasing the average transaction value and increasing the efficiencies of your processes.

“Having a clear understanding of the key numbers that drive a business’ success is critical to its survival,” he said.

“Most business owners don’t really focus on these numbers. By making sure they know these key numbers it is far easier to measure and manage for greater success.

“A lot of marketing time and money is wasted by advertising to people who are not a business’s ideal customer.

“If that effort was fine-tuned and targeted to their ideal customer, then the results would be greatly improved. And it doesn’t need to be that way.

“The solution is to concentrate their efforts on just four key areas.”

Paul Dunn – 4 time TEDx Speaker & Chairman of B1G1 – Business for Good  agreed with Chris Beks’ approach  and says “it’s a recipe for a hugely (not mildly but hugely) successful business.”

Mr Beks – owner of CeebeksTM Business Solutions for GOOD in Warrnambool – has 37 years’ experience in accounting, finance and business development making him one of Australia’s most experienced and leading business development experts.

Chasing the Dream!TM How to Grow a Business in These Amazing Times is his first solo self-help book   which he was motivated to write because of his passion for helping small businesses because they directly impact lives – the owners, Team members, communities and local, national & global economies. He has been featured in several publications and co-authored the 2019 international best selling ‘Legacy – The Sustainable Decvelopment Goals in Action’).

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