Content Creation: From Chaos to Cool-Cash – a Simple 5-Step System

Hello Chasers,

Tired of staring at a blank page, desperately clawing for content ideas? 

Feeling the fear of missing out on those juicy leads because, well, your social media presence looks like a tumbleweed graveyard? 

Fear not, let’s explore a simple content creation system, specifically designed for small businesses to dominate the online world. 

We’ll show you how to go from content-starved to cash-fuelled in five easy steps:

Step 1: Plan Like a Pro

Don’t wing it! Grab your team (or your copywriter-in-crime) for a half-day planning session. This sets the stage for the whole year/quarter, keeping your schedule tighter than a drum. Think spreadsheet or Airtable and fill it with your content touchpoints: your blog, social media posts, newsletters, and more. Start with a monthly article and newsletter, then adjust based on your goals and business model.

Step 2: Choose Topics that Sizzle

What rocks your customers’ and clients’ boats? Brainstorm hot topics – ask them directly if you’re stuck! Turn a single idea into a series of posts to keep the content fire burning. Headlines are your clickbait bait, so grab attention with titles like: “5 Easy Hacks to…” or “The Secret Sauce of Successful…” Don’t just write articles, though! Podcasts and webinars are your friends too.

Step 3: Repurpose & Distribute Like a Ninja

One piece of content, multiple lives. Break your monthly masterpiece into social media snippets: microblogs, graphics, swipe-up carousels, reels – the whole shebang! Need help? Outsource to graphic designers, video editors, and social media managers. Remember, progress over perfection – record yourself speaking and have someone polish it, or use AI tools like ChatGPT (but always edit for your voice!).

Step 4: Fill the Gaps, Don’t Fall Asleep

Your monthly content should fuel four, eight, even more social media posts. Now, think about your brand message: thought leader, client magnet, value kingpin, funhouse of collaboration? Craft content that reinforces these messages. Weekly testimonials, case studies, team snaps, industry articles, audience Q&A – fill your calendar with variety and engagement. Don’t forget spontaneous posts – show your smiling face, people love that!

Step 5: Repurpose, Repeat, and Rule the Web

After a year, repurpose and reuse like a content recycling champ! An infographic becomes a YouTube short; a blog post morphs into a podcast episode. Next year’s calendar will be a breeze – update, modify, and voila!

Now get out there, content warriors! Use this system to unlock a content creation machine that fuels your business with leads, engagement, and yes, cold, hard cash. 

A systemised approach creates efficiency, momentum and result.

Have a great day!

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