Designing Your Lead Magnet

Hello Chasers! 

Today, we’re diving deeper into the Lead Funnel Formula, and it’s all about attracting those dream customers without being too sales-y. Let’s go as we’re about to become lead magnet matchmakers!

Remember the “Consistent Cash Flow” series we kicked off at the start of April? Lead magnets are the secret weapon for generating more leads, sales, and that sweet, sweet profit.

So, what’s a lead magnet?

Think of it like a freebie so good, your ideal customer can’t resist giving you their email address in exchange. It could be an ebook bursting with industry secrets, a cheat sheet that solves their biggest pain point, or even a mini-course that gives them a taste of your expertise. Basically, it’s a way to say, “Hey, let me help you with this specific problem, and if you like what you see, there’s more where that came from!”

The struggle for busy entrepreneurs? 


Creating podcasts, fancy video courses – who has the energy?

Here’s the good news: Your lead magnet doesn’t have to be a Hollywood blockbuster.

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Customer 

Before you whip up a lead magnet masterpiece, you need to understand your ideal customer. What keeps them up at night? What burning desire do they have for their business? Once you know their deepest wants, you can craft an offer that speaks directly to their soul (or at least their inbox).

Step 2: Design Time! (Canva to the Rescue!)

Now that you know what your ideal customer craves, it’s time to design your irresistible lead magnet. Remember that in-house design team you don’t have? No worries! We’ve got your back. There’s this amazing tool called Canva (remember Techday Thursday?) that’s basically a graphic design playground for non-designers. Templates for eBooks, presentations, worksheets – you name it, Canva’s got it!

Step 3: Building Your Lead Magnet Landing Pad

Next up, we create a landing page – the special corner of your website dedicated to showcasing your lead magnet in all its glory. Here are some landing page pro-tips:

  • Ditch the Navigation Bar: We want laser focus on your offer, not those distracting navigation links.
  • Clear Call to Action (CTA): This is your “Get Your Freebie Now” button. Make it short, sweet, and irresistible.
  • F- and Z- Scanning Magic: People tend to scan pages in an F or Z pattern, so put your most important info in those sweet spots.
  • Social Proof Power: Testimonials and reviews add credibility and make your offer even more tempting.

Step 4: Keep the Love Alive (and Update Regularly)

Depending on your lead magnet, you might want to update it every six months to a year. The goal is to keep your new leads engaged with valuable content and nurture that relationship until they’re ready to take the next step (which, ideally, involves buying something awesome from you!).

So, tell us! 

What kind of lead magnets are your go to successes? 

Feeling overwhelmed? 

Our team is here to help you craft the perfect lead magnet and turn those website visitors into warm leads ready to do business! Contact them on 03-55612643 if you want some help/

Have a great day!

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