Edmonds Honey harvesting honey

Hello Chasers,

Yesterday I travelled to meet my fellow ‘Hive Buddies’ and our mentor at Edmonds Honey, a commercial apiary run by John Edmonds and his family just outside of Geelong near Mt Duneed.

This is the first time that we all got to meet each other in person as our group has all met online through our fortnightly Monday evening meetings. Some of the members are very experienced whilst others like me, are complete ‘newbies’ who are passionate about making a difference by helping the bee population thrive.

John is a second-generation beekeeper who took over the business in 2001 after being in partnership with his dad, Murray Edmonds since 1982. His dad began beekeeping after World War 2.

We got to see the commercial operations from box & frame making to the commercial extraction equipment that can process tons of packaged honey.

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